The 10th EDAILY Strategy Forum Jun 12(Wed) ~ 13(Thu), 2019
|Dynasty Hall, Hotel Shilla, Seoul


‘Shigye (visibility) zero.’ This means there is zero visibility, or no field of vision at all, where you cannot see beyond your nose. So you cannot willingly step forward or boldly turn back. The rapidly changing world we live in today is just like that. So is the long and winding path toward North Korea’s denuclearization; the US-China trade dispute that is driving the world economy to the brink is not different, either.

One thing that is clear is that we cannot be free from any of that. The political and diplomatic matters that we cannot take our eyes away from, and the unstable economy created by hostility between titans at the expense of innocent bystanders… The Korean Peninsula is straddling these giant whirlpools that involve the acute stakes of the world.

We literally find ourselves in a haze. But just because we cannot see, it does not mean there is no path forward. The 10th EDAILY World Strategy Forum is now about to find that hidden path. We are about to open up the future of the Korean Peninsula that goes ‘beyond chaos and crisis,’ lifting the haze we are in today.

At this meaningful event, world leaders and experts at the forefront of politics, diplomacy and economy from all over the world will put their heads together, listen to one another’s thoughts, express their opinions, gather wisdom and find solutions. They will give explicit and eloquent speeches, take part in insightful talks, and even join in brainstorming sessions to resolve the issue of the Korean Peninsula that is becoming more and more difficult and complicated.

Founded in 2010, the EDAILY World Strategy Forum is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Ten years ago, some of the greatest strategists from Korea and the world had a heated discussion on the topic of ‘G20 system, Strategy for the Future of Korea.’ Since then, nothing has been holding us back. We inspected the rules of global economic order and discussed the conditions for sustainable capitalism. We strived to look ahead 100 years from now from an entrepreneurial perspective and looked ahead into the ‘Industry 4.0’ created by the new digital world.

We are also going to fully convey the last 10 years of changes in this 10th EDAILY World Strategy Forum. It is our will to never cease to think about the direction that the world is changing, innovation that shapes the world, and vision that is anticipated by global citizens. For another 10 years and even 20 years, we are now going to start from the ‘Korean Peninsula.’ Join us at this milestone where we are about to begin our journey.

Kwak, Jea Sun Chairman of EDAILY


The 10th EDAILY Strategy Forum

Title The 10th EDAILY Strategy Forum
Theme Korean Peninsula, Beyond Chaos and Crisis
Day 1 : Power Game, who has the initiative
Day 2 : Economic War, what to aim for
Date Jun 12(Wed) - 13(Thu), 2019
Venue Dynasty Hall, Hotel Shilla, Seoul
Organizer EDAILY

Vision of EDAILY Strategy Forum

EDAILY Strategy Forum started as the commemorative event for 10th anniversary of ‘EDAILY,’ Korea’s comprehensive economic news and financial information media which strives to be an Eco-media benevolent for all.
The vision of EDAILY’s World Strategy Forum is to become the worldly knowledge event beyond Korea. By sharing the theoretical and practical insights of global scholars and leaders and presenting timely themes in the economic, financial and business sectors, we strive to prepare an open discussion ground for Korean government, business and individuals.`
  • Insight Sharing of practical ‘Insight’ with leaders of each field world’s great Scholars, policy makers, managers
  • Agenda Selection of well-timed subject in the filed of economy, finance and management and pursuing Hub of newest and core information
  • Networking Establishing DB of knowledge by building personal and organizational network with domestic & overseas organizations
  • Discussion Place for open discussion by respective social agent (government, entrepreneur, individual) and for cooperation and innovation


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