There is a word, Anthropocene, that refers to the time of rapid change on the planet, which was created 4.6 billion years ago, caused by humans, who appeared on the Earth only 200,000 years ago. Paul Crutzen, who came up with this concept, has forecasted the climate catastrophe due to greenhouse gases and fossil fuels.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns us that we just have 10 years remaining to prevent the worst consequences caused by global warming. Future generations are calling on us to heed these disastrous scenarios and take due measures to reduce damage to the planet.

Environmental friendliness, carbon neutrality, and the reduction in GHG are no longer matters of choice. It has become clear that countries and enterprises that fail to respond to climate issues will not just simply fall behind. They will not survive.

For us to survive in this era of climate crisis, we need to revolutionize our approach instead of just making a few changes. We need to drastically overhaul the way we think and work. The task before us now is to innovate our industrial structure and the economic framework at a fundamental level.

The EDAILY Strategy Forum, a leading knowledge event in Korea, seeks the path for great transformation that will turn the climate crisis into an opportunity, under the topic, Climate Crisis: An Invitation to a Possible Future.
It is hoped that this event will serve as an occasion that proposes a direction for sustainable development in this era of climate crisis and shows ways to strengthen national and corporate competitiveness.

Kwak, Jea Sun Chairman of EDAILY


The 13th EDAILY Strategy Forum
[Climate Crisis: An Invitation to a Possible Future]

Day 1. How Will We Bring About Climate Justice?
Day 2. ‘Greenomics’, Transforming the Industrial Landscape
Jun 15(Wed) - 16(Thu), 2022
Dynasty Hall, Hotel Shilla, Seoul
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